Mariusz Jarzębowski

Entrepreneur who has worked in the high-tech industry in the US and the EU. Before coming back to Europe, Mariusz worked in Silicon Valley at NeXT and Apple run by Steve Jobs. In Poland he was involved in establishing and running new ventures. Mariusz worked at a venture capital firm where he continued to be involved in new venture development, and served on the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board. Mariusz helped companies find and enter new markets. At Microsoft, as a specialist in competitive strategy and new markets, he helped organizations create new sources of growth, and learn from start-ups. Assists entrepreneurs build companies and helps companies start new ventures. Founder and owner of a venture assistance firm and technology policy advisor at demosEUROPA, a think-tank based in Warsaw. Serves on the Supervisory Board of WP Holding SA. Holds MBA and MS degrees from the Warsaw University of Technology Business School in partnership with London Business School. For more, visit