Roborat used to inspect ventilation ducts and monitoring of their condition, eg. before and after cleaning, deratization, to determine the prevalence of corrosion, etc.

The device is designed to operate in horizontal ducts, with the ability to adapt to working in vertical channels.

Technical data:

  • 4x4 wheel drive,
  • dimensions 170x200x75 mm,
  • 15-20m range,
  • controlled by wire,
  • two cameras: front and rear,
  • hitching link option,
  • LED adjustable illuminated cameras,
  • integrated video recording,
  • control system, installed in a compact case: monitor registration system, control panel, a robot with cables,
  • 4-channel recording on SSD,
  • Weight: 3kg robot + 10kg suitcase
  • durable and resistant housing,
  • external power supply (possibility of battery power).



Production year: 2013-2015.

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