The laboratory stand VB JET is used for testing coating corrosion resistance.
Samples are placed in a sealed chamber with rotating sample holder. Once started, an abrasive medium is released from the top-mounted nozzle. After a predetermined time of the erosion - the sample is precisely weighed, and subject to subsequent erosion cycles.

The result of the test is a characteristic reflecting the degree of resistance to set the conditions for erosion. The device has been manufactured in accordance with ASTM G-76.

Technical data:

  • dimensions:  2200[W] x 600[D] x 1300[H]
  • weight: 250kg
  • supply: 230V AC, 3kW
  • abbrasive nozzle adjustment module,
  • sample holder mechanizm,
  • precise sample rotation module (0-90 degrees).



  • precise micro-abrasive blaster,
  • compresor/compressed air instalation 4-8 bar, 150l/min
  • compressed air/nitrogen gas cylinder 4-8 bar, min 150 l/min
  • analytical balance d=0.1mg
  • blaster‘s analytical balance d=0.1g
  • GORETEX filter exhaust,
  • Safety system, locked door,
  • PC with dedicated application.


Production year: 2014.

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