CARGOBOY transports load into the destination place in the warehouse, production line, etc. -  indicate any point on the map and then robot will autonomously drive into it - without need of any manual control (eg. joystick).

CARGOBOY can start to operate in your warehouse today already! Robot doesn‘t require aby modyfications into building infrastructure: no need for magnetic or induction lines, etc.

Safety in your warehouse is a priority for us - CARGOBOY is designed to operate safely in the warehouse - detect and avoid people and any obstacles.



CARGOBOY details:


Robot transports loads from any point A to B. The transport can be carried out by different routes within zones denoted by the customer - there is no need for certain paths determination.

Unlike other solutions, CARGOBOY efficently and safely navigates among warehouse workers - there are no zones reserved for robots only required.


Robot navigates autonomously. The operator may freely indicate destination points on the map or choose one of defined earlier, eg. loading, production nest, delivery station.

KANBOY is continously connected to managing computer with Wi-Fi network. It is possible to monitor actual position of the robot in the warehouse, easy and fast destination points indication.


Robot parameters:

- continous work-time 8-12h,

- payload 100kg,

- dimensions: 600mm x 500mm x 1400mm (W x L x H),

- clearance 30mm,

- speed up to 2.0 m/s

- weight 100kg.

- Infrastructure free autonomous system
- Modular construcion, easy for reconfiguration 
- Automated transport of dedicated boxes


Robot details:

- 2D laser scanner,

- 3D obstacles detection and avoidance,

- multiple paths transportation,

- no limit of predefined destination points,

- no requirement for warehouse modification,

- easy and automatic warehouse map building,

- opto-acustic signalization.


Optional functions:

- RFID tag reader,

- vision system,

- tablet + QR/barcode reader,

- load theft-protection during transportation,

- WMS integration.


Contact us! We will customize CargoBoy for your requirements